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Drywall Repair and Installation in Plano, Texas

Accidents happen.  Let’s face it.  Drywall is very fairly fragile. Whether you call it drywall, Sheetrock, wallboard, gyprock, gypsum board, or plasterboard, it doesn’t take much to leave a scratch or knock a hole in it by accident. ​

Drywall is essentially a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) between facer and backer paper. It’s long been a construction material to create walls and ceilings. It’s generally quick and easy to install, durable, and there are many simple repairs you can do yourself.

While there are a number of benefits in the drywall that is manufactured today, such as its increased fire-resistant properties and better sound reduction, drywall is still very easy to damage since it is not resistant to impact. Holes, damaged corners, separation, and joint cracking are just some of the issues that property owners find most common.

When accidents inevitably occur, ​you want the right professionals for the job.

Sure, you could fix a hole in drywall yourself – there are plenty of cheap drywall patching kits from drywall putty to drywall patches you can pick up at the nearest hardware store, but most of those solutions are just cheap fixes that, in the end, look pretty bad. After sometimes hours of scrubbing, filing, smoothing and repainting, you still can clearly see where the damage occurred.  If you really want your wall or ceilings back to their original, like new condition, then you need professional drywall repair with the experienced drywall contractors like you will find at Drywall Plano.

​ We take great pride in providing quality, professional drywall repair at an affordable price.

​Whether you have a small hole in the wall from where your kids knocked a doorknob into it, or your entire ceiling is coming down because the air-conditioning leaked, or you need to remove and restore the walls in a renovation,

NO job is too small or too large for our dedicated team of perfectionists! 

​You can rest easy that for whatever job we are called to do, we will take care of your drywall patching needs quickly and efficiently.  We have the tools you wouldn’t normally have on hand, our drywall contractors have the experience, and most importantly, the pride in our work that will make us your go-to solution for all your drywall repairs.

We will leave your home or business as beautiful as it was before the damage occurred. Our contractors respect your property as if it were our own. Our drywall specialists take care in protecting any of your furniture or valuables by carefully covering anything with a protective sheet so that our dust or paint doesn’t get near them. ​We will clean any mess the drywall repair job has left behind.

Our Services

Drywall or Sheetrock Repair

Whether it's a small nail hole​, cracks from the foundation shifting, furniture scrapes on the wall, or you need to make repairs to a rental property before you move out. We'll patch and seamlessly texture match the area to it's surroundings so, after we do the sanding and repainting, you wont't even be able to tell where damage was when we're done.

Drywall or Sheetrock Installation

One sheet or a entire room of drywall finishing. We work with any size project. Every sheet is installed, anchored to the frame, with the same outstanding high quality as the next until you have a beautiful, seamless finish. We'll also do all the interior paint, so you can get right to enjoying that new bedroom, family or game room!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

A textured, cottage cheese, stucco, acoustic, or commonly called popcorn ceilings were installed in homes between the late 1930's until the 1990's, but today, they're considered out of style, and may even be banned if they contain asbestos fibers. We can scrape off the old and install a new smooth finish.

Water Damage

There are few things worse than experiencing the unwelcome surprise of water damage. After the leak is fixed, you're often left with ugly yellowish-brown stains that can lead to even worse problems than the peeling and cracking that it leaves behind, like mold. We can remove the damage, install dry material, and paint so it looks like it never happened.

Customer reviews

I called around before settling on these guys and they, by far, were the best rate. I was very happy with the wall patching job they completed in my kid's room. They also cleaned up their mess, which really impressed me.
Florence B.
via Google Reviews
They finished an entire room for me, from walls to ceiling. The price was a lot less than I was expecting. It didn't appear there were any unnecessary charges like you get with some contractors.
David K.
via Google Reviews
I had an air conditioner in my attic rust out and water went everywhere! They were able to rip out the old ceiling that was pretty much a complete loss and replaced and repainted the ceiling. It looks like new.
Kenyonica H.
via Google Reviews

How much does drywall repair cost?

Whatever unfortunate mishap you have suffered to your wall or ceilings, you can rest assured Drywall Plano will give you a fair and affordable price. Installing or repairing drywall isn’t always easy to do yourself. If you want the best way to patch drywall, you should consider calling an experienced drywall contractor.

​Every job starts with a free consultation followed by a free drywall repair estimate, so you’ll know right up front the effort involved, but more importantly the cost. There are no surprises or hidden fees in our services.

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All of contractors are fully licensed in the state of Texas with a general contractor’s license issued by the jurisdiction in which they work. Some contractors have additional specialty licenses to work with electricity and plumbing. During the estimation of your particular project, the right contractor will be assigned. Before any project you should insist to see the contractor’s license.

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