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Water Damage Restoration Plano

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Water damage is probably the most devastating of all types of property damage. Most drywall can take on a lot of moisture before it becomes saturated. Once the wall has had enough prolonged exposure to the moisture, the wall will often swell and become discolored.

Obviously, the first thing you need to have done is determine the source of the water and have that eliminated immediately. 

Next, the area needs to be thoroughly dried out. Drying out the area as soon as you can will help reduce the repair costs, because the longer the water sits, the more damage that will occur.

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The worst enemy from water damage is mold.

Once the leak has stopped, the damaged portion of the drywall must be cut out and replaced. But, that’s not the worst part. Your worst enemy when it comes to water damaged drywall is mold.

If you have mold as the result of water damage, you must make sure the area is sealed off so that mold spores don’t get into other areas of the home. Inhaling mold spores is not a good idea and some fungal spores are dangerous, leading to respiratory illness or other conditions that could weaken an immune system in humans and animals.

The experts at Drywall Plano will remove any permanently-damp components in the framing or walls so that fungi and bacteria cannot grow. 

Using protective gear that most homeowners wouldn’t have on hand, we’ll ensure the mold contamination is cleaned up. If the mold contamination is more serious, it may be necessary to have IICRC certified specialists to clean and test the air quality. 

If you have water damage, call Drywall Plano to help access the situation.

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